Flight Gear

Multi-function GPS Flight Watch $299

GPS / Compass / Accelerometer / Heart Rate / Pedometer / Touch Screen

Customizable Clock

GPS Navigation

Menu Selectable

Custom Apps

Multi-function Flight Watch - full ABC: $100

Round G-Meter Style: $160

  • AAA Battery or 5v USB powered

  • Up to +/-16G range

  • Slide Switch Select-able for high/low G-Range

  • Button Press for highest G-Force seen LED recall

  • Button Press for turning onboard speaker on/off (audio increases with G-Force)

Blue LEDs count up 1-9 recalling highest G-Force

All Green for 1G

LEDs add from green to red as G-Force increases

Blue is 0G (free fall)

Strip G-Meter Data Logger Style: $300

  • AAA Battery or 5v USB powered (Li-ion battery powered unit on request)

  • Up to +/-16G range

  • Strip LED Light Bar (13 LEDs)

  • SD Card Slot for recording G-Force vs Time of flight

  • Audio option available

Meters Come With Battery Pack and Wire/Switch Extension